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Discipleship is at the Heart of the Church. Each Christian is a disciple and should be making other disciples. This book is intended to jump start the process of disciple making. The lessons explore important matters such as defining faith, salvation, the goal of salvation, spiritual growth, the importance of Church involvement, and more. A Biblical Disciple is designed to be used either as a self study guide, a one on one discipleship tool, or as a text for a group study.

Click on THIS LINK to read your free digital copy of chapter one of A Biblical Disciple written by Pastor Jeff Mullins. To receive subsequent chapters click on THIS LINK, answer the questions, enter your name, email address and then submit the form. Upon submitting the form a link to the next chapter will be appear on your screen. Within less than a week after submitting the form you will receive a 2nd email with the correct answers to the questions submitted. (Note: your email address will only be used for sending the link and the answers.)

This book is provided free of charge for this online study but is not to be copied, downloaded, or distributed in any way. You can purchase the entire book from on We sincerely hope you enjoy this study!

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