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 Jeff Mullins is quickly typing away on his computer keyboard writing a new book. He feels an urgency to complete a practical workbook on Addiction. Completing the workbook has become his burden and priority. He has a heart to help people who are looking for help after years of surrendering their lives completely over to addiction.

This practical workbook will look at addiction from a biblical perspective. The book will first guide the addict through a self assessment process, then explain God's perspective, and finally offer practical and biblical help. Addiction is a spiritual problem. God offers solution to spiritual problems. The book is filled with hope. The goal is not just sobriety, but glorifying God through turning to worship God rather than worshiping the idol of addiction.

The book is in interactive workbook form to engage the reader and to guide them step by step from where they are to where God wants them to be. Examples of titles of a few of the approximately 30 chapters include: Progression into Addiction, God's Grace & Mercy in Consequences, and My Beloved Addiction.

To date 11 chapters have been drafted and 2-3 are being written each week. A publication date has not been set but we will keep you updated on the progress here at Please check back for current updates on the progress of this book.

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Discipleship is at the Heart of the Church. Each Christian is a disciple and should be making other disciples. This book is intended to jump start the process of disciple making. The lessons explore important matters such as defining faith, salvation, the goal of salvation, spiritual growth, the importance of Church involvement, and more. A Biblical Disciple is designed to be used either as a self study guide, a one on one discipleship tool, or as a text for a group study.

You CAN Understand the Bible

This book strives to identify significant and major biblical themes. The premise is that by understanding the big picture in the Bible, it will be easier to see how the smaller pieces fit together. 

         The principles of careful interpretation are rigorously applied to the Bible to accomplish this goal. This book is an introductory overview intended to aid in understanding the
arrangement, patterns and cohesiveness of the Bible. It is hoped that as your understanding of these things increases, you will also develop a hearty appetite for God's Word. It is also hoped that in reading this book you will find great encouragement in realizing that you personally can understand the Bible. 

         May you develop a lifelong excitement for personal study of what God has revealed in His Word.

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Good Sermon Brother!

"Good Sermon, Brother!" is intended to help anyone understand the Bible accurately by paying careful attention to interpretation.

         The volume is especially designed for the non-professional preacher and Bible teacher, but has application to all those who want to know what the Bible says.

          The book challenges the reader to identify what constitutes a good sermon and what makes for a bad sermon. It evaluates the relationship between the type and quality of interpretation and the validity of the message presented in sermons or Bible studies.

         A number of interpretation methods are evaluated and a thorough explanation is provided for how to
use a consistently reliable interpretation method. Good Bible interpretation answers the question about what the original author communicated to the original audience in the original setting. 

   The reader is guided through the interpretation process and becomes familiar with the Historical-Literal-Grammatical method.