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About the Author

      Jeff Mullins has been the pastor of Canaan Community Church in Deer Island, Oregon for over two decades as a missionary pastor with Northwest Independent Church Extension (NICE). During that time he and his wife Mary have raised seven children and have worked diligently to make disciples. Jeff and Mary are assisting their daughter and son-in-law plant a local deaf church. Jeff has supported his family and ministry as a small businessman who operates a portable sawmill and provides custom lumber.

          Jeff wrote his first book, Datingand Marriage, in 1999 specifically for his children. It was his intent to use the book to teach his own children about dating and marriage, so they could avoid some of the heart aches so many other people experience. At the time his oldest daughter was 16 years old. Now, 19 years later, five of his children are married and he currently has nine grandchildren.

         He wrote his second book, Children:Raising or Ruining? shortly before his first grandchild was born. His commitment to the faithful and practical preaching of the Bible lead him to author three additional books Good Sermon Brother,  You CAN Understand the Bible, and ABiblical Disciple.

       All of Jeff's books clearly point to God's Word, the Bible as the authority, recognizing that each person is ultimately accountable to Him. Jeff has a unique way of drawing attention to the specific instructions and principles in the Bible. Jeff's thought provoking writing challenges assumptions, spurs study of God's word, and urges practical application of God's truth. By putting these things into print it is his hope to broaden his ministry for years to come by providing relevant resources to help fellow Christians succeed in glorify God.

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Discipleship is at the Heart of the Church. Each Christian is a disciple and should be making other disciples. This book is intended to jump start the process of disciple making. The lessons explore important matters such as defining faith, salvation, the goal of salvation, spiritual growth, the importance of Church involvement, and more. A Biblical Disciple is designed to be used either as a self study guide, a one on one discipleship tool, or as a text for a group study.

Dating and Marriage

Although neither heaven nor hell exist on this earth some marriages are so painful that some people imagine them to constitute "Hell on Earth." 
       This book offers help in avoiding trouble in dating and marriage. God created marriage and concluded that it was very good. When God is followed, marriage can be more like heaven than hell. Marriage offers potential heavenly bliss or a hellish nightmare.                                                                                                                                     Marriage may

be the source of one's greatest joy in life or their heaviest burden. To a significant degree, the difference depends upon who you choose as your life long spouse. Ironically the choice of who to marry is often made by relatively immature people, who are strongly influenced by emotions and hormones, rather than reason and reflection. 

 Many of the problems in existing marriages are the direct result of a dating process that was inad…

Children: Raising or Ruining?

This is a book that carefully evaluates the role of parents in the lives of their children. In this volume the author raises and answers questions about parenting that are often over looked. All children are given parents, but why? Many species bear young they are completely capable of surviving on their own, but not people. What is the primary function of parents in the life of the child. The task of parents is raising children, but exactly what does that mean? And when, if ever is that task accomplished?

      Identifying the purpose, goal and motives of parenting are essential to being effective as a parent. The author carefully addresses each of these areas provoking the reader to think about and evaluate the answers to these questions. The book also addresses the practical issues of parenting such as discipline, education and stages of parenting.

       The underlying premise of the book is the God created parents and children. As such, the instructions provided in the Bi…